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"What?! The Bashō-Sen?! The magic fan that can raise a typhoon with a single wave, a thunderstorm with two and a monsoon with three?! That Bashō-Sen?!"-Kame Sen'nin (DB013)


The Bashō-Sen is a magical fan that can cause devastating weather effects when waved around. Gyū-Maō desired the artefact to use it to put out the perpetual flame on Fry-Pan Mountain.


Kame Sen'nin is in ownership of the fan at the time it's needed in the story, wherein Turtle remarks that he was using it as a pot-holder. Unfortunately, he remembers that he forgot the magic powers the fan held and threw it away after spilling some Wonton Soup on it.


It's never been used in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Online, though it was likely used in the past.


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