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Dabra was the king of the Demon Plane, until Bobbidi came and controlled his mind using magic, by manipulating the evil in his soul. He then began to work as Bobbidi's right hand man and most powerful minion.

Dabra's power is roughly equivalent to Cell's at the time of his defeat. Kaio Shin Sama and Kibito were terrified of him for this reason, though Son Goku reassured them that they have outstripped that level and that there's no need to be afraid.

Dabra was defeated on Earth outright by Boo. This knocked him out of Bobbidi's control slightly and he attempted to kill Boo. His attempt was an outright failure however and Boo turned him into a cookie and ate him, killing him.

Dabra was not sent to Hell due to his affiliation with the Demon Plane and instead sent to the Upper World, which King Enma deemed a more fitting punishment.

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