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Level 5 : 561
Life Points 225
Energy Points 400
Classification Cultivar
Species Seedling
Sub-Species Aerial Seedling
Location Flanflan Desert
Attacks -
Abilities -


The Dandylion is a type of Cultivar found in Flanflan Desert. They're small, round and yellow heads with grey faces and red eyes. They have four short grey shoots for legs with a pair of large flap-like wings that flutter at a high speed to keep them afloat. Dandylion's also have a long red crest poking out of their heads that splits at the end.

They appear at level 5 in the southernmost regions of the desert.

It attacks by glowing a bright orange and lunging at it's opponent.

Their official names are unknown as of yet, 'Dandylion' is a temporary name.

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