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Energy Barrage is a popular technique in Dragon Ball Z and has many different variations and characters who it is used by. It is essentially a repeated flurry of chi bombs, a very offensive technique used most notably by Vegeta and various members of the World Trade Orginization.

Dragon Ball OnlineEdit

Rapid ShotEdit

A skill learn-able from level 1 by Spiritualists.


Dodon BarrageEdit

Learn-able by Crane Hermits from level 1 as a branch-off from Fan Out.


Energy BarrageEdit

A skill learn-able at level 24 by Martial Artists that branches off from Concentrated Kamehameha.


Dragon Power!!Edit

This is an HTB skill that opens a combination attack on the enemy, followed by an Energy Barrage and finishing with a Final Effort.


Stronger Energy BarrageEdit

This technique is learned at level 30 as a branch-off of Final Effort.


Dragon Spirit!!Edit

This is an HTB skill learn-able at level 30 by Spiritualists. The attack involves the usage of Energy Barrages.


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