This book was written by Son Gohan and revolutionized the world of martial arts on Earth. It is the culmination of all of Son Gohans knowledge regarding advanced martial arts techniques and his own academic training and interest. It was published in Age 800 or thereabouts, and suddenly advanced martial arts techniques became accessible to Earth's populace. This, aside from destroying Cell (to which [[Hercule was credited), is Son Gohans single most definitive life achievment.

Groundbreaking Science not only wide-spread the discoveries made by the heroes of Earth, but also increased expectation to harness the potential that every human held in this regard. This catalyzed the evolution of Earth towards the state of things in Dragon Ball Online, where you'd be hard pressed to find someone who isn't a fighter of some description.

It was detailed in this book that Klangite-- the strongest metal in the universe that which was able to snap the Zeta Sword-- could in fact be cut by channeling chi into the blade used to cut it.

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