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A.K.A. None
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Origin Earth
Species Animal (Pig)
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Oolong first appeared in Tale 5 Oo! Oo! Oolong! as an antagonist, who was using his shape-shifting ability to terrorize an innocent town by taking their girls and making them his brides, under threat of death. It's eventually revealed that his true form is a young pig and he can only stay transformed for five minutes. Also, the girls he kidnapped had been living a life of luxury in his mansion.

Oolong went to shape-shifting school with Pu'ar, where he picked on her. Oolong was allegedly kicked out of the school for stealing his female teacher's panties. Oolong appears to have a perverse fascination with women's underwear, constantly badgering Bulma for them, transforming into them and even wishing for a pair from Shen Long.

List of Known FormsEdit

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