"Poko-Pen...Poko-Pen...Dah-Leh-Ga...Tsu-Tsui-Ta...Poko-Pen...Dah-Leh-Ga...Tsui-Tsui-Ta..."- Piccolo Dai Mao (Tale 137 We Need You, Goku!)

Poko-Pen is the name given to the dragonic demons created by Namekians. They are named after the Namekian Language chant repeated by Piccolo Dai Mao before vomitting up one of his egg minions. In Dragon Ball Online, Dragon Clan scions can be Poko Summoners, and call Poko-Pen in a similar fashion.

List of Piccolo's MinionsEdit

List of Poko Summoner PetsEdit


  • Like Piccolo, all of the Poko-Pen are named after musical instruments. All of the Dragon Ball Online Poko-Pen so far, are named after types of drum.

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