A.K.A. Cry Baby Pu'ar
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Origin Shape-shifting School, Kung Pao Desert (Earth)
Species Mascot, Animal
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Pu'ar is Yamcha's trusted companion and loyal ally, with the ability to shapeshift. Pu'ar went to shapeshifting school with Oolong, who bullied him until he was expelled for tealing the female teacher's panties. Pu'ar goes nearly wherever Yamcha goes.

List of Known FormsEdit

Abilities, Techniques & WeaponryEdit

List of AbilitiesEdit



  • Pu'ar is a pun on a kind of Chinese tea, as is fellow shapeshifter Oolong and Yamcha's name means 'drinking tea'.
  • Akira Toriyama claimed that Pu'ar is neither a mouse or a cat, but is drawn a little bit like a cat.
  • Pu'ar often says "Presto!" when he transforms.

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